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Just sold my M8A1 to get the next TD in the list up. Fully Upgraded, I found it to be not all bad. One good tactic was to just wait off the get go, until combat happened, then run up and flank everyone. The turret is painfully slow, never go more than 90* to either side, or you may not be able to recover fast enough if some one runs up on you.

Anyone have a good clan I can join? Just joined I.O.C, but they are all east coast and meeting times are not ideal for me.

Any tips on getting massive exp? I seem to get about 300 on wins and 100 on loses.

Username ratherdashing if anyone wants to platoon up. I have one 5, and the rest are 4's though my favorite is my SU-8 at the moment. Love Arty.

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