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In early August, I purchased a Nintendo 64 and a couple of uncommon games from Stilgar.

He shipped it promptly, with tracking.

Now this is typical seller behavior... If this doesn't happen, I start to get red flags. What's important to me is how a seller behaves when **** hits the fan.

After crossing the border, the package arrived at the customs depot in NY.

After about a week, the package had not moved.

+1 Stilgar contacted me to verify that the package had arrived after due time

I responded that it hadn't.

+1 Stilgar came up with a plan of action for finding out what was going on

+1 With Stilgar's support, I was able to patiently and confidently wait for several more weeks before...

+1 Stilgar contacted... when we passed a time limit, he would be able to launch an investigation with the post office to find the package.

+1 Stilgar contacted me to assure me that if this approaches the 45 day mark, he would refund my money without issue.

After the time limit, I sent a simple message to Stilgar "No dice".

+1 Stilgar contacted the post and launched the investigation.

Today, my package arrived. Nicely packed, and in good condition. But that's not the important conclusion reached here....

Stilgar conducted himself in a professional manner that few sellers are able to reach. He did every single thing right to instill my confidence with him, and make me feel protected as a buyer. He prompted interaction time and time again to head off any concerns. He was never afraid to address the elephant in the room. And supported his customer through a long ordeal.

At this level of professionalism, I would've been resistant to take a full refund. Stilgar earned every penny in this transaction. And I can enthusiastically say that he'll earn every penny of your transaction.
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