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oh ya when I tried to use my rotor on it ball's just poured out the end of the barrel. I ended up with a 9V revvy on it and it sill chops now and then. gotta kinda hold up the barrel so the don't have much of tendency to roll into the barrel.

the plan for the detente is to remove the breach section from the body tube and mill a slot in it that will accept a tippmann reversed detent. the reason it would need reversed is if you use it the same way tippmann does when the barrel comes back it would chop off the top of the detent.

all I really need to for it yet is take it apart model the breach in solid works model a tippmann detent send stick it in there virtually once I am reasonably sure it will work I will throw it into my cnc mill and cut it. it would be a good one day project now I just have to get the gumption to do it.
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