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Originally Posted by wrongbloke View Post
are you getting it just to have a zoom or for the 200mm focal length? if you just want a nice zoom tamron makes a beautiful 17-50 1:2.8 that I used for a long time.
Well i mostly wanted it for the low end zoom, the 18mm side. I already have a cheapy nikon 55-200 that i use. Though i figured if i could get one lense to go from 18-200 it would be easier to take around. Yes i know usually the more a lense does, the less it does one thing well.

And i'll look into that tamaron, i've just been beat over the head so much lately to buy only nikon stuff, and stay away from 3rd party. I'd love to buy only 2.8 nikon lenses but those are way out of my price range for just amature stuff.

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