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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
It was probobly still ASTM certified? Especially after all the hoopla that Brass Eagle went through over the bubble-mask that had to be recalled because it didn't have ASTM certification. So, probobly safe? Granted, uncomfortable, ugly, and likely scratched to heck.

The only paintball mask that really did seem unsafe to me was the PMI Goggs Helmet from the early 90s.

They were hugely popular, but lense failures became so common that PMI started shipping them with a warning stating that users should wear protective eyewear UNDER the Goggs Helmet! APG magazine refused to show any pictures of players wear the mask.
Undoubtedly the lens is rated. It would have had to been to be sold so much in walmart and the like back in the early 2000's. However I recall wearing one of those mask and having it fall off my face when the strap came from together... the day after I bought it in a talon kit. I also had one come from together when I got shot in the face. The goggles slipped right off my head when the mask disassembled itself from the lens frame.
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