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I was told in June that the lense will be going back to a single pane. The single pane is the 'original' lense that they used for Grills when first produced. The factory that was producing the more current lenses was in China, but now will be in canada. They felt going back to the original single pane produced by the original factory (which is/was in canada) results in a lense that doesnt fog. Even though it's single pane, and will not technically be 'thermal'. If this makes any sence.
I am glad to see it'll be 100% Canada - which is close to USA. Is your information credible ? I have been looking for info on this and can't find any. I am considering switch to the Profiler just to have an 'American' made mask - even if its Canadian. My JT's say "Assembled in Mexico" which is just wrong. My whole marker is made here. I want my mask made here as well. Even Scott stopped producing masks here - Arggg.

So where did you get this info about the lenses?
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