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GLO 2, October 13th - Teams and Orphans.

GLO 2 - VOTE dammit!

Post up your teams or if you need a team.

I will update the original post as we go.

Team 1: Toad Smells - Toad (He broke his self), ThickChestHair, Clark, Jack
Team 2: The Mongoloid Mevers - rcjunky, Fudge (DunxWrite thinks he has to work...sucker), PAINTBALL GUY 3
Team 3: Great Astrix Balls- Kynan, thetunk, destroyke
Team 4: Marked Militia - Dan GoodChild, Nic Beauchamp, Dave Bijman
Team 5: CMF - Cooper Klachan, Ross Dadr, Bryan St. Amand
Team 6: Out of Options - Patrick McGoey, Mike Blondin, Elvis Tocho Monge
Team 7: Insert Name Here - Deek, Calvin and Adam

Orphans: Awe...lets point and laugh!
-Bob T Guy <- committed elsewhere...currently trying to dislocate his shoulder to escape the strait jacket!
-Elmo <- Need a Ride? Gone with Dad?
-Gaz <- Need a Ride?
-Mr. Smith
-Richard Templeton <-- anyone know if he is still in?
- More...

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