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I used to paintball...?
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I assume this is a typo for "Realism" so I'll help you out.

Here, we have a fine example of Realism, circa the nineteenth century:

Note how the artist paints in tones found in the physical world and the subject matter is of a commonplace, uncolored (in terms of exaggeration or emphasis) variety.

This is an abstract Modernism piece for a contrast (Krasner, mid-twentieth). Most would use Pollack as the exemplary purveyor of this style but, frankly, I think he's a no-talent hack and his wife executes the principals he proposed far better than he ever did:

And, simply because it's one of my favorites, here's a Futurist painting. This style was one of the progenitors of the far more popular abstract Modernism and Cubism. The artists generally sought to capture movement in a stilled, two-dimensional format:

Anyhow, hope that helped!

EDIT: Wait, "Realsim" ? As in, "real simulation" ? How would that even work? And/or isn't any type of paintball a "real sim" for actual combat encounters?
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