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Originally Posted by Tenet View Post
Can't make a counter-argument - proceed to "insult" with an old youtube meme.

Do you know why a game with so many statistics, and players obsessed with technical details and numbers, does not have a COMBAT LOG?

Hmmm, lets omit a common feature that would prove that numbers aren't being manipulated! No reason at all.
There is no combat log because contrary to what bad players suspect, WG really aren't that good at the whole game making thing. The RNG dictates how the numbers are manipulated, and there has never been any proof that things happen outside of the RNG. Bad players don't understand game mechanics, and try to use conspiracy theories to explain why they are bad.

The blog post is just crazy bad ravings of someone who wants to believe, but is unwilling to use any form of facts or reason to form his conclusions. He seems to be saying that because most people have a win rate between 40% and 60%, then the game must be rigged to keep it that way. Is all of MLB rigged because the majority of the teams have a 40% to 60% win rate?

His proof of conspiracy is that in games that he played badly he didn't do so well, and in games that he played better he did better? His other proof is that gold ammo does exactly what it says on the box?

He compares WoT to WoW (even when he started off by saying that WoW is a pure PvE game) even though both games have completely different PvP (unless I missed the part where there are tanks with healing cannons, or mages who can shoot you from across the map, or 15v15 arena matches, etc.)

one stupid thing after another in that blog post
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