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Originally Posted by Arson24 View Post
So picked it up its pretty fun

but can some one tell me how the hell to keep a weapon haha
need to grab a cop to take his gun and out run the cops to have it for a while
I think a holster on your back for the bigger guns would be needed
Yeah, you can't keep the guns usually. The game focuses more on hand to hand, but they tend to supply a gun when you need one for a firefight. I just grab a tire iron out of the trunk and tool on people's heads, almost as easy.

My only major gripes with the game are two:

1 - The camera completely sucks when driving. It's awful when you are changing direction.
2 - Doing drug busts in firefights and watching thugs literally spawn out of thin air right behind you. Sometimes they'll do it right in front of your face, it's ridiculous.

The story has been pretty solid, and now that I bought a Velocita and can tear around Hong Kong at maximum speed (though the Lamborghini seems to have slightly better control despite being the 2nd fastest) with reckless abandon. The game is for the most part, on par with GTA IV in overall quality. Does some things better, but it's a newer game too.
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