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Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
Forget Tamron; if you want that range, the 18-200mm AF-S Nikkor is a better lens. I used to own one when I had a DX camera. I ditched it on account of distortion but it was sharp and fast.
Same. I had one a little over three years ago I believe. If you shot anything with horizontal or vertical lines in the pic you would notice some pretty heavy distortion across all focal lengths, much more pronounced when shooting wide, I found. Both barrel and pincushion. Had some zoom creep, not a huge deal in my books. At about the mid range, 105-135mm I found it soft, pushed out to its max it got sharp again.

Some things caught my eye with the lens when I first looked at it, which is why I bought it. Metal mount as opposed to plastic, and mine had a rubber seal around the mount which helps a little with dust/moisture. Internal focus, I like pedal hoods over bayonet hoods. The focal length I thought would be super useful, but after finding distortion while shooting wide, softness while in the middle...I ended up using the lens basically pushed out all the time.

That was probably close to 4 years ago, and the first one I had I brought back and swapped with another which had the same problems. Sold it a few months later. I'd check some newer reviews if you can, see if Nikon has fixed some of these issues. If they did, I may contemplate buying a new one again.
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I don't need it in my hands....the picture is right there. Cool thing about pictures: they give you an accurate representation of what something will look like. They've been doing it since 1822, or so I'm told.
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