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Yes, he's trolling and spinning, and there's no "definite proof" of any of his claims - but at the core there is a good point to the post.

Coding a combat log is VERY easy. There is one already in the game you just don't see it. WG decided not to show it to you.
Every game, from the crappiest K-MMO, that has a Server-Client setup has an internal Combat Log - and many of them give players the option to see it in game, output it to a file, etc.
I see it as a "Glaring Omission" for such a technical game.

Battle Mechanics - World Of Tanks

I have many anecdotes where some completely wierd **** happened and I had no explanation for it. Most recent shocker - Failing to blow up a KV-5 with 4 shots to the rear (almost point blank, no angle) from a KV-1S's max gun/crew. I realize I could have rolled a -25% penetration every one of those shots, but the chances for that are very low. Would have been an amazing play if it worked.
If I could see the Combat Log, and those rolls, it would not be as frustrating.

While I'm not convinced that there's a MM-link to such rolls, WG's refusal to provide proof (in form of logs) is making me suspicious.
I do believe it's in their commercial interest to have such a system. PvP-only games often die due to MM frustration. The more people WG can push towards the middle of the performance bell-curve, the more money they end up making in the long run. It's an easier solution then implementing an open MM rating system like in other games - and they avoid all the associated problems.

P.S. Go into a match with XVM on, and try telling someone bad about their rating or Win%... now that's quality trolling.

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