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6 of our local regulars met up for a play day to get some time together before we destroy Tippmann in Michigan...sadly nobody else showed up so it was 3v3 all day. Still amazingly fun.

Also, the one guy just bought a GoPro that morning, so this is the only real usable footage we got on my barrel. Azodin Kaos D, J&J edge barrel kit. (not a fan of the barrel mount circle, sorta blocked my view along the barrel, felt like most of my first shots were wide to one side or the other)

Any tips from any of you GoPro experts out there as to what settings to use and whatnot? (we ended up accidentally taking alot of pictures instead of vid by the end of the day)

Spool field

Fort 1

Fort 2

Tour De Fort (sorry for the length, had alot of looking to do)

Also, any good free editing software recommendations? (can PM me to keep thread clean)
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