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Back in after 12 years!

I was doing some pre-packing (packing unimportant stuff a while before you move) and found my old pgp (cartridge valve) wrapped in a shop rag at the bottom of a duffle bag.
I found my tools, and did a quick teardown, everything seemed ok but after airing it up i could hear a leak down the barrel. So im ordering the rebuild kit from palmers and working over the body pretty soon.

When my wife saw what i was doing, she expressed interest in playing, which made me lose focus and i ended up shooting the safety spring somewhere across the room!
I asked her if she wanted a mechanical or electro semi to start with, and she said that would feel like cheatery, so we needed to find her a nice pump!

So, after i regroup some equipment, I'll be sure to post some pics of the markers and try to get some on field photos too (photography is her hobby, I mess around a little with it)

Something worth mentioning, I have been lurking here for a little bit, I never said anything before, because none of it seemed useful and all the questions I would ask, have been answered already. Hopefully soon, I'll actually have stuff to contribute.
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