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Originally Posted by pillage View Post
I guess I need to start tapping the sugar maples in my yard. Besides, everyone knows the only real good music to come out of Canada was Rush and Triumph. You dirty Northerners pushed Celine Dion south of the border, which was a virtual act of war.
Heyheyhey. Hold on a second. Let's look at all these insanely terrible Canadian artists, from Bieber all the way back.

Every. Single. Goddamn. One. Was either some second banana bar filler, at BEST, until some damn American got their hands and terrible taste in music and made them famous in America. And, by extension, the world. All the legitimately good Canadian musicians-Rush, Barenaked Ladies, Guess Who, Spirit of the West, Tragically Hip, Great Big Sea, they all got famous without shipping off to some radio-friendly music factory in LA or Vegas.

Don't blame us, they were just born here and would have remained terrible and unknown if it weren't for that terrifying, feces-spewing, ear-raping monster known as the American Music Industry.

Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
With a stack of pancakes and waffles.
I'm gonna go build my own bathtub! With flapjacks, and syrup, and hookers! In fact, forget the flapjacks and the syrup!
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