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I did ask her if she was sure about starting with a pump, explaining a semi would be better for getting into the game, and she told about how she played once in high school at a friends party, she said tried both the field's rental pump and semi and ended up liking the pump more because it "made her feel like a bad ***" and then she added "besides, it only takes one hit to get 'em out right?"

I'm still going to pick up a cheaper semi just to have down the road as a loaner or a backup if I end up at some tiny indoor field.

Something from AGD would be just fantastic, I used to have an old powerfeed body mag and a spider clone called a "scorpion". Traded the scorpion for the pgp and ended up selling off the mag towards the end, I couldnt find anyone who wanted the pgp so i wrapped it up and forgot about it for 12 years.

(We're newly relocated, and as of yet still need to find others to play with, hoping for some outlaw woodsball within a reasonable distance)

According to the internet, the closest actual field is a good 20 miles from us and since we bike everywhere for now, its not feasible as interstate travel is apparently required.
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