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Actually, I totally understand his style of play, in this instance. It is a Big Game afterall. Teams of 500 v 500 or more. He isn't up front, leading everyone, and the first at a building or the like. he is further back, which is obvious around 30 seconds earlier when he moves up the side of the building, and you can see people at least 100 feet ahead of him on his right side. Look at the people that carry a Double Trouble. They shoot at 24 or so balls per second, twin markers. They aren't trying to get lots of eliminations, they are putting heads down, letting others make the moves to eliminate people, and not have to worry about getting themselves eliminated while making the moves to help out their team.

I realize that quite a few people here are more into using a pump, less paint, and such. But why attack a person a person because the style of play that they exhibit during a Big Game is contrary to what you want to play? I am sure that there are plenty of players out there that play like that during a Big Game. I am one of them, if I am playing with my Ego or Geo. If I am playing with my KP3, or my Palmers Super Stocker, I play a bit differently.
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