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Oh yeah new goggles for sure. We've both been looking at the sly profits REAL hard. We both wear glasses and these seem like they would be a nice fit. She likes the fact they remind her of a space helmet from cowboy bebop, I just like the pink frame

I was going to rebuild a set of old whippersnappers with new spectra parts for myself purely for the fun of it, but then i saw this on i&isports,

GXG XVSN Goggle System OLIVE OD - I&I Sports

I figured once i get back into the swing of things, it would be fun to show up at a field with a pgp and a mask that looks like I dug it out of an abandoned shed.

Back in the day, doing that would create two possible reactions, either people start snickering, or start panicking. I just want to see what happens nowadays.
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