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Originally Posted by Amazing Billdo View Post
ACTUALLY, Alpha, he is a good player, and a decent guy. You must be pro if you can walk through Sin City and one shot all of your opponents as you prance by.

I for one readily admit to playing like what you just saw in a game like that, and so is the other team.

Half of the players in the video must have been SUPER pros... Because they walked through the city without firing a single shot.

Ok... So let's be specific about what this guy's (and your?) style of play is....

1) Stand in the back
2) Empty pods at empty buildings that his own guys are standing next to
3) Don't run fast enough to bounce paint out of your open hopper
4) Yell annoying instructions to more effective players
5) Get ZERO eliminations for 2000 rounds of paint

Good player! I hope he tips his refs!
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