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Some people keep mentioning walk on play. This isn't walk on play. This is a big game. If a first time player wants to play in one, then they need to understand that the paint is going to be flying. Look at D-Day. Not for the faint of heart. I play Supergame every year, and we go through a bit of paint there as well. That is what it is for, a target rich environment, meant for people to sling the paint. Not to say that those that don't shoot alot can't play, or won't have fun. But it is where a heavy gunner gets to cut loose and have some fun.

I don't know the guy, beyond that he is a Mod over on the Nation. For all we know, he plays rec ball with walk-ons all of the time, and only takes a hopper of paint out all of the time. We only know what we have seen, here at a big game, that he went out with paint a plenty, and wasn't shy in shooting it out either. Which is a good thing. Else-wise, our military would not have a squad heavy gunner, carrying a M60, or M249 nowadays.
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