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Originally Posted by senghing27 View Post
Is PSP 13 excessive at room clearing? Sure... But I'd take PSP 13 from a guy who seems like he knows what he is doing over the full auto/RT'ed tippmanns that are in the hands of noobies to experienced players.

Another field that I frequented allowed full auto and let me tell you, getting stitched 10 ft away from a kid who has a new decked out A5... it hurts. A lot...
Agreed. I've been lit up more by Tippy's with 3-round burst than I ever have by a modern electro shown in the video. From what I watched in the video, he never actually shot anyone? and if he did it didn't seem like they took a bunch of hits? Hard to tell with the hopper in the way. Most shot seem to hit the buildings/bunkers, not people. How dare this guy pay his money to play, shoot a lot of paint, and have a good time. That's not what paintball is about.

Had he obviously shot the piss out of somebody or just shot somebody into the fetal position, that'd be a different conversation. This video looks like a guy having fun with his buddies. It also made me want a G6R.


Best Field in STL

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