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That's Skirmish for you in a nutshell. Swing at somebody, don't even get escorted off the field. We had one of our guys get tackled by some nutbag, the refs let the dude walk away, we found him later and reported him to the ownership, and nothing got done. Classic example of a field that doesn't give two ****'s about the players, just wants to take the money and run.

Anyway, back on topic, I play almost nothing but big games and scenarios all the time. The thing about guys like in the video is that most of them spend about 5 minutes on the field for every half hour they spend in the parking lot reloading, so frankly, they don't bother me much. They're certainly not the majority, though they do exist. To be honest, even though I'm always hearing stories of douchebaggery and cheating at big games, having played them nearly exclusively for 7 years now, I've rarely witnessed any firsthand (save for Skirmish).

I just think it's sad that I probably could have played 2 or 3 8 hour games on just what he shot in the first 3 minutes of that vid
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