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Originally Posted by senghing27 View Post
One thing for sure, Hell's had superb reffing.
Not in my experience with their big games. Went to Tippmann last year, and most engagements, you couldn't see a ref, anywhere. When we did see them, they were huddled in the bases that had no action, or near some random girl who was playing. They also had no idea on what the actual game rules were, one even told a buddy of mine that b/c he ran out of paint he was 'out' and had to take the walk. Also, watched a bunch be reactive (like they wanted to yell at ppl) over a safety issue instead of proactive and making sure ppl kept their masks down on the one field exit. (8 were just sitting in the back of the truck only yelling at the ppl then punching their cards if they took their masks off a few feet too soon, instead of posting someone to remind ppl to keep them on)

This year's Tippmann is my last stand for them. If they aren't better, HS will see no more of my business.

Back on topic...

As a limited paint player, i understand there is a place for ppl who shoot that much, my field has one, and we enjoy having him on our team when we need to move around. But some of these ppl tend to shoot 50 balls when the first 3 did the stated, once they are in the air, you can't take them back. Its about knowing when to shoot that many shots, and when to not.

As having been on the receiving end of these types of ropes, it sucks when they aimed right early, then there's still 20 in the air that will hit you b/c they thought it was fun to essentially go full auto.
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