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Originally Posted by JJaxx View Post
Okay guys back to point of this thread.... It is high rates of fire that scare away new and lesser experinced players. And that was the point that Russc was trying to make. The video just shows some of the high rates of fire out there.

I know this was at a big game where high ROF are the norm. But think of it at a walkon day. I have seen it happen at my local field. When high rates of fire are present newer player cringe in the staging area. Some dont even comeback!

If we keep scaring away new players there will be no one left to play.
Then this video wasn't a good one to use as an example. This was a big game. Big games are, by definition, different than a walk on game. So showing a person shooting a consistent 12.5 bps, ramping or otherwise, during a big game (Has anyone actually been to D-Day recently...?), and saying that his kind of play is what's killing the sport is really out there. I know that there are going to be haters, and for some, they just don't get it. And that is fine, because for some, the idea of taking out a stock class marker that only gets around 25 shots before the air tank has to be replaced, and holds around 20 shots, just does not make sense either. Instead of bagging on the guy for playing and having fun, which is why I play paintball, regardless if I am out at a rec game, a big game, a scenario game, or a tournament.

Oh, and the part about bagging on the guys that play tournament ball, and take like 14 pods and their hopper, it's 2180 shots in a 7 minute max game, compared to final battles that last 30 to 60 minutes, and those take out around 50 pods. You do the math, determine who is shooting more, per minute or even second, and figure out the difference between 7 people opposite you, that when eliminated, stand in the corner, not shooting, versus 500+ that when they get eliminated go back to where they started, and come right back at you.
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