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I was there. Think I split off left at that point. Yes, as others said, that was the monster game. The area he pushed out of was actually the insertion zone and there was a dire need to get the red team out of there at that point. There's a lot of paint flinging that goes on. Some of it is used tactically to clear areas and to try and break stalemates at some of the bases (like 50 people camping in a single base). If you get 50 people to rush shooting paint you can sometimes make some headway.

It was a big game and while the video might seem to the contrary, msonic isn't a butthead and Hell Survivors is a very well run field. Typical play there is nothing like this. Big games can get quite dicey but there are actually plenty of refs and little tolerance for stupidity.

General / open play is fairly casual and friendly. They also have the monthly pump and pistol game there that quite a few us frequent. Hopefully it'll keep growing as it's been awesome so far. They also tried to bring back a monthly "old school" semi game (pumps / semis, no batteries...etc) but turn out was too low.

Talked to one of the mercs this weekend and he had some thoughts on improving that tower. Too many people get cornered / stuck in there and the windows are way to low. I personally try not to go in many of the buildings, especially if there isn't an exit at both ends.

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