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The thing is, to break holds, firing huge strings like that is not necessary. All you need is the bodies to push with that are firing regularly, no ropes needed. I bet strongholds get pushed back in the same manner in pump i wrong? Heck, last year at Tippmann, my squad that was running 1 pistol, 1 old mech spyder (with one hand in a cast), and 2 pumps with a couple other guys in the back took and held the 'grinder' for a good while.

But to the video in this case...the way he mocks the guy he overshot (near West Point) says about all there is to say.

Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Talked to one of the mercs this weekend and he had some thoughts on improving that tower. Too many people get cornered / stuck in there and the windows are way to low. I personally try not to go in many of the buildings, especially if there isn't an exit at both ends.
That grating is also terrible to walk on in cleats...i went up one to switch the flag once...stayed out of them after that.

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They also tried to bring back a monthly "old school" semi game (pumps / semis, no batteries...etc) but turn out was too low.
Dang, too bad i don't live closer or i woulda tried to boost the numbers.
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