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Weren't you on SO looking for info on a Nasty Painter? I see you found a KP2. Awesome going on that one. And a very sweet car. Plus $300 for a CobraJet. I think when I had checked on one for my Torino it was looking like a couple grand to even think about it.
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Let us pray: Oh Velcor, bringer of Good Deals on Craig's List and supplier of Cheap but Good Paint, guide our markers in the months to come, and let no member of the flock fall down to that great deceiver, the AGG. Let our feet make it to the next bunker before our enemies spot us and make our snap shots fast and true. In your name we pray - and all Velcor's children say GAME ON!
You guys are my best friends, through thick and thin, we've always been together. We're four of a kind, havin' fun all day, pallin' around and laughin' away. Just best friends are weeee!
I love you guys.
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