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What a retard. There were some fools like this at richmond paintball the other day, and we were playing some various games, and every single game all they did was put their guns on PSP and hose down spawn the entire game so you were trapped on one side of the map. Later, we played king of the hill and those two guys plus some others cheated the entire time, constantly being hit, up to the point where the ref went in and all the guys inside the hill had to call themselves out because they were cheating. IMO they should've been kicked for the day. Players like this just ruin the game for everybody, and nobody likes them because of what they do. What do they have to gain from this? Testostorone overloads? Your not cool just because your that loner guy with his high end space dildo and your speedball pants and jersey on...
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I see an agglet and I want to paint it black...
...or yellow, orange, green; whatever the field paint is that day.
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