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M98Punk's Clearing house Gear Molle, pistol/stock gear, tank, hopper chrony MORE

Having to raise some quick cash, the old have to spend money to make money. So I am putting up my gear.

Other stuff:

Pnue kit a full kit with magnet mod and an extra ram (Was going to make a Nasty pnue-mag) $50
3000FLatline works perfect tank still has life in it $50 *Pending*

Power Series Revvy 9vt has a cut down Revolution battery door $30

Chrony: Works perfect $60

Molle gear: 4 custom capless PBMafia molle panels, BT ID pouch, Cell phone Pouch, 12gram panel, BT 2+3, dump pouch, map pouch, drop down leg molle panel, and Molle belt

$120 + $20 for the hydration pack with new bite valve and cover $30 for camel pack by itself.

Ronin Gear holster, 12g wristband and PBmafia leg pack. $40

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