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4 years ago, I sent Ian a PMI 1. I had humble hopes for it - just wanted it pirate-stocked with lever action, side-tubed with a thad-adapter. Maybe some skulls.

What he sent to me, which I received today, is a paintball gun worthy of Blackbeard himself. I had him add some engraving on the handle to go with the skull theme (what looks like a spine running down the top of the grip with ribs curling around the sides). Skull endcaps to the side tube. Used the skull drop forward bits I'd sent him and put them just above the trigger where the stock curves down to form the handle. And then there's the rustic brown, hand-sewn holster - perfectly shaped for my new beastie with a couple of wearing options. He also sent me some skull beads and made me a leather 3-tube holder. Nice.

In short, every penny you spend on a gun made by Mr. ChpInstone is very well spent. He takes his time but it's oh so worth it. Don't rush the man - he won't screw you over.

I would never, ever hesitate to do business with Ian again. He is truly a credit to MCB and I will add this creation to my permanent arsenal.

Thank you very much and I look forward to scaring many adults and small children with this horribly awesome creation!

Andry : )

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