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Originally Posted by Rover Lead View Post
So what's the background on this? I played a game with MOATI in Fort Ord back in 2004 and he is a great guy. I shopped at SOP for YEARS, and then a while ago things changed with the company and they screwed up every (and I mean every) order I placed. Sucks too, used to have some really innovative woodsball products.
This thread will explain a little of what happened at the end...

What people still don't really know, is that the original Spec Ops changed hands before these new clowns took it over (no offense to clowns)...

My friend Jayson Orvis started Special Ops back in 2004... Then in late 2010, he sold it to another friend of mine, Tyler Tiberius from Tiberius Arms...

Tyler ended up selling it to those shady people in New York. They rushed everything though, and ended up screwing Tyler out of HALF of the value of the company...

At first, they refused to pay Tyler ANY money, even though they had moved ops to NY and were already in possession of the brand, machinery, and inventory. By the time he got the money, they had already started running Spec Ops into the ground... And then claimed the company wasn't worth what he was asking... Apparently, this is the first time these people have done stuff like this either... They have a BAD reputation in and around Syracuse, NY...

I really LOVED Spec Ops and put my all into that company for a couple of years... It sucked going through all that stuff at the end... It made me SO angry when they booted me from the forums (I am still IP banned) and erased my entire SECTION over there... I said what I could say, and gave up on them... I will still voice my opinion about them, when I see them being such posers... But I try to focus my time/energy on the good in our sport... They will get what is coming to them...
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