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Originally Posted by B-Dazl View Post
Some of the old sewing staff work for me still, here in Utah... We don't really do paintball products anymore though... The old GM/Lead hard-goods engineer of Spec Ops is my business partner...

A lot of the other guys are still in the area... Most have left paintball, but I do still keep in contact with most of them...
See the thing I am aware that the company changed hands and MOATI left. When they were great, they made awesome gear. But the thing is they stopped producing custom **** and slowly all their stuff was out of stock like their extendo mags for the Tiberius. And I see the forums and the store different. The forums always sucked terribly. Adults had to follow rules that adhere to children. And the mods while all werent bad (like Legato off the top of my head) would love to ban people especially Puzuma (I really dont like this guy). I was never IP banned but I received warning for stuff that shouldn't matter.
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