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Origin's SR1 Build/Tips/Modifications

I will be updating the first page of this thread as i progress with testing and modifying it.

So far, all i have done was modify the buffer tube so i can insert a 10rnd tube into the stock. I found with my MOE stock, a speed cap on a 10rnd tube fit in very nicely, almost like they were made to do so. I am sure other stocks are very similar since the buffer tubes is the main reason behind it.

Here is a checklist of what you will need to build your SR1:

AR15 barrel nut
AR15 Delta ring assemble (for non free floating handguards)
Buffer Tube w/castle nut and retaining plate
Any stock that will fit your buffer tube
Hand grip
Fore grip
1/4 20 bolt to hold the hand grip on, a 1/2 to 3/4 inch length

You can use either free floating or 2 piece fore grips on the SR1. I picked up a full MOE furniture kit from, they are now under $100 and come with everything you need aside from the barrel nut and delta ring. The bolt provided with AR grips will not work, at least not any i had to test, you will need what i listed above.

I picked up my Leland 12g's and First Strike rounds from Celanis Paintball Celanis Paintball

I will update with better pics when i get then. These were taken last night in my hobby room with w 100yr old light fixture haha.

I found that a 12g fit very nicely into the MOE hand grips storage compartment. If you wear gloves it would be hard to access but i do not wear gloves. A sizer shell for the SR1 will also fit in the grip with some foam to keep it from rattling and one will wedge into the vertical fore grip i added, it is also a MOE. I wedged a 12g into the vertical fore grip with a small rag to keep it in place and to help me be able to pull it out.

I drilled a 1/4" hole in my stocks end plate to allow access to the Velocity Adjuster. This marker still functions like a traditional Cocker platform we all know and love, it is just a very unique twist on it.

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