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Originally Posted by Legato View Post
Stopped checking to see if the forum came back weeks ago. I just don't care. Got the email saying all is well. Still just don't feel like returning. Nothing happened there anymore and just about everyone has bailed. At least the titanic had the band playing til the end. Many left with a few years back, and the rest bailed when MOATI did. Not much there anymore but a really empty forum. I hate to say it cause I really used to love and bleed SO. But now....just no. It isn't the same. Its like when your favorite local pizza shop shuts down and someone else moves in. You try to be comfy. You try to enjoy it and reminisce. But in the end. It isn't the same spot it once was and the new guy's pizza sucks ***.
and the new guys a jerk
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What is the big knife for? TF
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I'm ambidextrous. Fear me.
Please leave me honest Feedback after any B/S/T arrangments. Thank you.
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