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Originally Posted by 4G010H3R0 View Post
well I used about 60 or so for my last large batch I bought before you..but yes I am glad because I figured I had it. That and everything else I own shoots 12 besides my havoc .. well that and my TPXS now.
I would rather not send it back to canada just because of shipping risk/rates if I dont really have to.

They are awesome to shoot. the few games I used it in I really enjoyed it.
The DRV was just ridiculous.. I feel like I need to hunt like a velociraptor or something with this when im in the woods.
Pm me your address. i will send you a set of orings ( or more lol). the static rings shouldnt fail in service. if they fail, they fail as soon as you gas it up do to damage on insertion. the valve stem orings do fail, but not at a remarkable rate. where did you get the orings you are using? they may be the root of the problem. the ones in the cheap kits are just that, cheap. ibuy 100 packs through fastenal or spaenauer. they are standard trade size buna 70 orings.

007 for the valve stem and 013 ( not 012 as previously stated) for the front plug.

Also remove you valve body face for damage. stilgars had the seat roing go and the stainless stem literally mashed the sealing face off the valve. changingnthe oring worked for a few shots until the damaged face ate the oring again.

And you can always ship it to me for a looksy.

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