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2012 Week 37 Check in!

This is the ongoing 2012 fitness check in. Jump in at anytime, use it to re-invigorate your motivation. We all have been starting and stopping, but hopefully doing our best.

Myself, I checked in at 186.5 this morning.

I started this year at: 205.7 - Original start thread here: New Year - 2012 Fitness/Weight Loss Check-in - Week 1

Could I have worked harder and done it faster? Most likely... But I also didn't want to lose all my muscle mass either.

The upside, I feel great and look better. The downside, nothing fits anymore.

I have changed my diet at least 3 times this year. I've found that constantly changing it up allows me to break through plateaus.

Right now concentrating on losing ~ 8 more lbs, while working on lifting heavy. Once there, will stick with eating clean to put on muscle mass while keeping my body fat down as low as possible.

My timing is horrible for beach season, but for skiing season, under those ski pants and poofy jacket, I'll look amazing
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