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Wow... I have been away for FAR too long...

The simple fix for double-feeding is to apply a few drops of nail polish in the breech.

My fix was to take a piece of 0.032" dia soft brass wire and bend it into a little loop. Insert the loop into the unused barrel mount. Bend the wire so it lays along the barrel. I inserted a plastic screw in the rear unused barrel mount hole, wrapped the free end of the brass wire around it and snugged the screw.

The result - anti-doublefeed nub. So simple that it only took 20 years to figure out.

Since my last post, I have purchased a Razorback III. It does have some really nice features (helicoils where screws go into the body, muzzle break, click detents on the velocity adjustment), but I still prefer the Reb.
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