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Originally Posted by rcjunky View Post
What are the dimensions and tolerances needed? I can look into getting it done.
Without sounding more thick than usual... What are we talking about sourcing? There are some dimensions I will happily give out and others that cost me so much, I will not.

Originally Posted by Mr.Smith View Post
So the way that I understand this -just so we're both clear- is that you can currently produce 9" inserts in 670, 678 and 685? If that's the case then that's really all I need, I'd be happy with just a 678 and a 670, or at least just for until you can produce the whole range.

That being said, is there anyone else that would buy the 9" freak inception at 75$? I need 9 people othen than myself. I think it's a pretty solid deal, especially considering what you'd have to do to get another barrel bored to 9". If you are, please PM me so we dont fill up this thread with stuff that doesn't relate to buying the inserts. I just figured this would be the place to drum up interest.

Thanks again for your time Ty.
The above statement is correct. I can produce .670, .678 and .685, 9" long inserts with my current setup. All of the other inbetween sizes would not be available until I build a new machine

There will be a slight delay on the .670, as it seems I am out of that stock. Seems the stock marked .670 is not

Originally Posted by TheYoda View Post
Sorry to the original poster for this slight hijack....

I'd be interested in the 9" Inception barrel BUT do not see the need for 9" inserts (again, sorry to the original poster). I'd want the standard length freak boring on the 9" barrel so I can use my existing inserts. I have the current Inception barrel, but it is too short to use on a couple of markers I'd like to use it on. The longer barrel will solve this.
Now about making an aluminum/brass spacer to take up the remaining 3.9375" inches of the 9" back to allow for the use of normal freak inserts, or remove the spacer and use 9" inserts?


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Brass Freak, Freak XL compatible and Equation inserts in .670, .678, and .685 (As I no longer have access to the machine to make certain sizes, I will not be replacing any which go out of stock.)

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