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I'm thinking I may do a couple small runs of full tang blades (slab/scale sides) using blades made in the US. These will be about $100 to $120 a pop with extra for shipping.

I will do some with wood scales and others with micarta or G10 with a colored spacer between the scale and metal. Pins or rivets (many different kinds available) will be used in nickel silver or brass depending on which looks better with the scale material.

P8ntnija.. if I have two available that you like and you get to me first, you can purchase them.

Otherwise, just a reminder, this is not a pre sale, there is no list, I will update when and as I complete knives or have pictures to show. I will not put myself in a position that I am trying to complete lots of orders especially when I am trying to gut and rebuild a kitchen at my new house and get my current house ready to sell. The knife making is a hobby, stress relief and a way for me to make a few bucks to buy more tools and more materials to make more knives.


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