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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
I will be watching these. I don't really "collect" knives, but I have a few that I value highly.

I generally like full tang designs and I've always liked (finished, green) G-10. I have a custom one that I use on deer every year that I will post up. It could use a backup sometimes.
Green G10 was one of the flavors I was going to do.. along with camo, tan and olive drab canvas micarta. Wood was probably going to be stained maple (either birds eye or curly) and maybe plain jane walnut. The wood would be sealed with tung oil.

I prefer hidden tang knives... more because of what you can do with the handle. My original design for an upcoming project was going to use something like 14+ pieces of colored spacer material to represent a ribbon that my friend was awarded for combat... the overall length of the "ribbon" was going to be just over 1/2", but would have been a neat effect. His wife and I nixed the idea though after discussions because he likes to remain low key with what he does and while he would have appreciated the knife... it probably wouldn't have been used.

Another neat thing I like (which goes along with the above) is the ability to mix types of materials... you can use all sorts of metals, spacers, bone/antler, multiple kinds of woods... you can add file work to spacers. The key is doing it right so you don't have an expensive piece of poo when you are all done, but instead have something that looks subtle, is still usable, balances well and will last a long time.


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