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Originally Posted by Melvin View Post
Ha! I think my style of play will keep her from messing with my stuff too much. I like small and compact and she likes shoulder stocks, so the shiny trracer from yamess should keep her distracted.

I also need to figure out this whippersnapper mess. Do I put a new lens in old frames or do I put an old faceplate on new frames? What sort of mods (if any) do I need to make this work?

Still searching here, no definite reults so far. I'm also really starting to like the mesh faceplate too, how do those hold up to repeated direct hits from overzealous rednecks standing 30 feet or closer?
I like my mesh faceplate's breathability, but you WILL eat a ton of paint when it gets hit. With cheaper paint, this can mean you get little red marks on your face from shell debris coming through. I think the tradeoff is worth it, but it isn't for everyone.

As for your Snappers, JT Elite thermal lenses will fit without modification.
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oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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