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Originally Posted by Karnokr View Post
I've had my Pinokio for a few years and had my FIRST and ONLY jam this year. They are great loaders functionality wise. They always work. That's all you notice about Rotors, is when they jam. They might be awesome at everything else, but damn! I agree, the Pinokio is kinda bulbous and not the best looking loader out there. You can't argue with how light they are either. And who really uses the nose cone? Mine is brand new still sitting in the box.
I've used my piniko very little, and experienced more jams and problems with it than I have with my rotor. I'm not saying it's a terrible hopper, buts not perfect either.

It's jammed once or twice, and another time the nose piece got shot off, and ruined all the paint in my hopper, and nearly destroyed the nose piece itself. I'm not talking about the extended part, i'm talking about the standard nose piece.
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