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Th qevs wreak havoc with mechs. I've found it can make the ram cycle faster than the sear can rise to catch the hammer. I solved the issue by either shimming the sear spring with a round head screw in the grip frame, placed head down with the sear spring over it or using a much stiffer sear spring, sometimes both. Another option is just going with a standard ram with no qevs, especially since a mech doesnt cycle fast enough for the qevs to make a difference.

I think the qevs are more appropriate if you are going to be ramping or shooting greater than 10 bps. I've run qevs on 3 mechs, and they seem to be very specific on timing and spring tension, whereas mechs without qevs are not as demanding.

I should add that I didn't have a problem with mechs and qevs until I added a roller sear to the equation, then things got complicated.
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