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Just a bit of head-scratchery here... What is the O.D. of a Freak insert?

Aluminum inserts are around .738 OD, with the SS ones running a thou larger. Overall length is 5.05"

Inside diameter of the freak back is .747, with the insert being held in place by a 18/70 o-ring.


The question now becomes, how do we hold in in the barrel?

While I was looking into the idea above, I noticed something. The Reb is a breech drop, but just barely! The barrel ID is 0.027"(+/-) smaller than the ID of the breech. SO... if a way to use Freakoid inserts were created, a new bolt face may be required since the bolt is a full 0.70" OD (although the bolt tip is only 0.65" OD.
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