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Re: Choosing quality paint

Good video...

However, you don't know "anal" about paint storage. I have the market cornered...

I store my paint in 10 rd tubes...9 rounds per tube to avoid compression. I store these tubes ONLY horizontally so their is zero weight on them during storage. I keep these tubes inside "tupperware" style food containers that I found that are perfectly sized...15 or so tubes per container. Being careful to keep the enclosed tubes always horizontally stored, I put these food storage containers inside a larger sealed container. This larger container has a rechargeable silica dessicant pack inside for moisture absorption. I rotate the food storage containers inside every week or two. I keep the larger main container in my closet in my bedroom.

Not to steal your thunder, but you have a way to travel before you are as anal as me!

Good video! Keep up the good work!

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