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The new VKC Desert Ducks...

....are freakin' amazing.

Just arrived today. LOVE it. Visually, it's nearly identical to the original Redux, with just a few small changes. The biggest thing you'll spot is the new feedtube, which I'm pretty sure is one of Steve's Duckslide feeds with the sight rail milled off. It looks great, and pinching is a thing of the past. I'll get into that later

Line of sight with the new feed location:

The finish is awesome too, sort of a dust/machined two tone grey.

The next thing you'll spot is the new logo on the slide:

The VKC Stands for Von Kampen Corp, Mongo's machine shop where these lovely creatures are created. The last visual difference as far as I can tell, is the slide latch sits about 1/4" further forward. I'm pretty sure this is to accommodate the unmodified Phantom internals.

Now is where things get really cool! Underneath the slide...

Can we say "Aluminum Snub?" I was totally surprised when I popped the slide off. I didn't notice it at first, but it does indeed feel lighter. Not by much, but there is a difference. Also, you can now see why it no longer pinches paint.

Looks vaguely familiar I couldn't get a picture in time before my camera batteries died, but that ramp is also mirrored on the slide itself, like what CJOttawa did on his redux. So it seems like it's a combination of what CJ, llaw, and I did to stop pinches on our guns. And it works. I put 30 shots through it as soon as I got it, pumping as slow and as fast as I could. No pinches, no jams, nothing. Seem's the Redux's number 1 issue has been squashed.

The last thing I noticed that was different, was the stock barrel is shortened by a small amount.

Once again I think this is because the unmodded Phantom guts sit a wee bit further forward. The threads are the same, but if I screw the Redux barrel in, it sticks out from the slide. Same for the woosh barrel, and the extended barrels I have. Everything sits just a little bit farther forward. But considering the awesome shot count with this wee little barrel, I'm going to run with it as is for now

So far, I love it. I'll update if I spot any other little changes.
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