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Originally Posted by 93civiccpe View Post
I've been a huge fan of yours for a long time and usually agree with the majority of what you say. That being said, I think your above comment is a little silly. I will admit that most of us have strong opinions on products in the paintball world. A lot of us like brass... ccm pump kits... and we all have our certain favorites when it comes to barrels/regs/etc. Most current regulator manufacturers design around HPA and not CO2. The reason why I think most of us will swear by PPS Stabs is because we've used them a long time and plain and simply, they just work. I don't really like the "fan boy" label on a product that does live up to advertising. Your comment is that you think you can modify a reg to be just about as good. That is a whole different conversation if you ask me.

1) Point conceded. I think you are right - different topic.

2) PPS Reg DO just work. I have never had to tech one. And found when I did - it was easy.

3) On C02 - if you can afford them - you will not fight a Stabilizer.

4) That 12 gram reg looks damned cool - and it may need to go on my S6 Prototype.

With all of that said - I have infracted you 3 points and given you a week off for disagreeing with me.



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