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a pumped autococker "sniper" has less to mess with compared to a mech cocker
the pump eliminates the entire pneumatic setup and makes it all manual.

all you have to worry about on them is your reg input pressure, and your spring tension (your IVG) once they are dialed in, set it and forget it, give it a cleaning when you fill it with dirt, done.

quality is based off of the manufacturer/time frame

lower end manufacturers.....
psycobalistics (superbolt/lightnings)

higher end manufacturers/bodies
wgp Oracles
wgp karni's

and then you get the older/rarer gear
PE cockers
ripper bodies

they are a much more stable open class pump
the body is much more rigid

they are not as gas efficient, thats why phantoms are stock class dream guns

CCM recreated the autotrigger, they perfected it and it has double/tripled the rate of fire and now pump speedball is a paint throwing firefight

it could be debated to say they ruined pump, in my opinion they perfected it and made it much more flashy and intense!
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