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sheridan style valve - sheridans, palmers, autococker(snipers), CCMs
pump mags- automag turned pump
sterlings- nelson/sheridan hybrid

autocockers started out as snipers (auto cocker with a pump kit) they are more user friendly as pumps and are easy to turn into pumps so why not? and the are more ergonomically similar to semis so making the switch in playing styles is easy.

quality depends on the parts and how they function, research will help with that. the lost of cocker/sniper parts is infinite and no one could sit and explain every part ever made to you.

maintaining a sniper is super easy, nelson is a more simple system, but a working sniper rarely fails once setup.

people would prefer these guns for, customization, ease of use.

ccm guns are top of the line in terms of sheridan based technology, polished everything light springs, Auto trigger, quality made. which ultimately makes them faster than most mech semis, thus silly kids get all butt hurt that a pump can shoot fast.

to add to SSC post there are a number of ways to setup a sniper internally, ccms however arnt the most gas efficient. which really doesnt matter because they were made to be open class pumps anyways.
palmers makes really gas efficient sheridans style guns that rival phantoms in terms of 12gram or co2

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