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btw living near paintball gateway and having visited their store and talking with them a couple times, they do stock a lot of items but they do not have everything listed on their site in stock.

can't say what percentage of the stuff on the site is in stock, but not everything that is listed "in stock" or "available" is necessarily in their store/warehouse inventory.

that said, I haven't had any particularly negative experiences with them. my experience weren't exactly positive either - run of the mill I'd say - you give them money they give you what you pay for.

pb gateway's staff, inventory (when it comes to cci/phantom stuff) and customer service is NOTHING as good as dealing with cci directly though. keep that in mind...

(and whatever you do don't ever buy anything from doro... their site also has a lot of phantom related stuff but they are, well, not really good about shipping your order or refunding your money)
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